Why a Massage?
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Massage can alleviate anxiety, stress, pain, swelling, reduced motion and mobility, loneliness, numbness, circulatory problems and rejection. VIP Skin Deep is eager to help you get through your day, night, weekend or special challenge. Walk ins are welcome. Call us now for your appointment.

Despite the increasingly noisy, busy, unsympathetic and challenging world, the modern man is not well cared for. He is battered, broken and bruised - body and spirit. At VIP Skin Deep we lay our healing and warm hands upon the 21st Century man so that he can keep going, stay the
Massage may reduce pain, stiffness, stress, anxiety, loneliness and depression.

Massage may improve circulation, attitude, sensation, immunity and health.

Massage may improve flexibility, range of motion and movement.

Massage may alleviate stress and improve focus, concentration and creativity

Massage may help you sleep and relax more restfully and longer.