About Vip Skin Deep

VIP Skin Deep continues to proudly serve local VIPs, hard working men, and tourists visiting the Atlantic City and South Jersey area. We've enjoyed 15 years of service and loyal customers that have supported us in our endeavor to provide care, comfort and healing in a clean, confidential, friendly and personal manner. Thank you for making VIP Skin Deep a popular and discreet AC hot spot for massage! Call 1.609.677.9191

Too often, men aren't great at taking care of their bodies. Sadly, the women in their lives often do not lay their healing and warm hands upon their man's tired, sore and aching bodies. Also, men are often embarassed to ask for a massage at home. VIP Skin Deep provides a caring, Asian experience of man care that helps men be men - to be the best they can be, to stand in the arena, and to do what needs to be done.

We have the Camolet Room, a place for the legends. The Giza Room, where you can explore the want of a king. The Ibiza Room where you can come feel the warm sunshine.
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